Women in Transition

Mom & Grandma - China

Mom & Grandma - China

I've been fortunate to have many strong women in my life. I've also seen many amazing women struggle - particularly with money related issues. Anything from how to manage it, how to protect it, how not to be controlled by it or difficulty communicating about money.

I was very close with my Mom and she taught me to care about people - to listen, understand and empathize. I watched her struggle through a divorce - I hated that I couldn't help her and she didn't have a good advisor in her corner. Although I couldn't help my Mom through her difficult time, I made it my mission to prevent others from that pain. 

If you're facing a particular challenge or transition, maybe I can help you through it.

Are you:
Considering merging finances for the first time with someone?
Getting married and not sure how to build a solid foundation?
The primary breadwinner in the family?
Fighting about money and can't make it stop?
Going through a divorce?
Starting over after a separation?
Just wanting to take control of your financial life?

Whatever you're facing - you don't have to do it alone. 


I offer flexible services and pricing, depending on your situation. Whether you need help for a limited time or ongoing, I'll be there for you.

Initial Financial Planning Fee: $2,000+
Monthly Retainer Fee: $200+
Hourly Rate: $250
Contract Rate: Available upon request
Your fee depends on the the complexity of your particular situation. I'll determine your fee during our initial meeting. As a fee-only advisor, you'll never pay a commission or any hidden fees.