Is my money safe?

In the wake of Bernie Madoff, it's critical to make sure your money is safe. FWI DOES NOT ever take custody of your money! Your money is always with a third party custodian, like TD Ameritrade or your 401(k) provider.

How much are your services?

We are fee-only, meaning we don't charge any hidden fees. See our service and fee schedule by clicking here.

What is Financial Planning?

It's a process not an event. Discovery - Clarification - Analyze - Design - Present - Plan Revision - Mutual Agreement - Implementation - Monitor & Maintain - Your plan is updated as your life unfolds and your needs evolve, not based on a calendar. The most critical parts are implementation and maintenance. A lapse in vigilance is similar to taking your eyes off the road to read a text.[][2]


When Should I Hire an Advisor?

If you've ever wondered if you're doing things right, if you want a second opinion or if you're ready to delegate this responsibility to a trusted expert. I want you to get the advice you need - whether it's from me or someone else is your choice. Your financial security is too important to put off.

When SHOULDN'T I Hire an Advisor?

If you're not ready to place your trust in someone else and make changes based on their advice. If you're not willing to pay a reasonable fee for professional guidance. Also, if you're only looking for stock picks to find the next Amazon or Facebook.

Why is "Fee Only" so important?

The financial industry is not homogeneous. Many “advisors” make a lot of money in ways clients are completely unaware of. I believe you should know exactly what you’re paying and what you're getting. Further, a fee only structure eliminates the risk of advisor bias to earn commission. Ask yourself - if your advisor makes a commission on something they recommend, how can you be sure it’s in your best interest?

Who is your ideal client?

FWI is a specialty practice focused on two groups: 1. Successful Professionals - We "get" each other. 2. Women in Transition - I built this firm to honor my Mother and help others like her.

What is a Fiduciary and why should I care?

Simply put, a fiduciary HAS to do the right thing for their clients. Everyone else has a much lower standard of care. This doesn't mean a non-fiduciary advisor can't be good. It does mean they are held to a much lower level of accountability.

Is Amazon or Facebook the better stock pick?

I'll let you in on a little secret... It doesn't matter! Investment Management is 95% portfolio construction/risk management and 5% investment selection. It's like the baseball player who always swings for homeruns vs one that swings to get on base. One may be more exciting but the other wins more games.

What makes FWI better than other advisors?

What makes me different is my Purpose, Passion, Empathy and Depth (PPED). Learn more in my introduction video (click here). I'm commited to my clients, my craft and the integrity of my profession. There are many great advisors out there and it matters more to me you partner with one you trust and connect with. While I hope you choose me, I'm not right for everyone.

I've made some mistakes... Are you going to rub my nose in them?

Absolutely Not! We've all made mistakes - I've made my share. What's important is where you are now and where you want to go. I want to understand your past experiences and how you feel so I can best help you.

When will the NY Giants win another Superbowl?

God willing, 2020.